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Guiding Principles for Cooperative Management: Equitable Utilization; Prior Consultation; Sustainable Development; and Maintaining Ecological Integrity.

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Including Traditional Knowledge

A substantial amount of information about the state of the Mackenzie River Basin in the historic past and the observed changes in the recent past is known by the people who have lived in the basin for generations.

The Mackenzie River Basin Transboundary Waters Master Agreement (Part D Section 2C) directs the MRBB to consider the needs and concerns of Aboriginal people through the provision of culturally appropriate communication and the incorporation of their traditional knowledge and values.

Traditional knowledge (TK) is based on the understanding that:

  • the land is a powerful teacher;
  • TK encompasses the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions of life;
  • TK complements and enhances Western scientific information; and
  • scientists and TK holders must work in partnership to gain a more thorough understanding of the natural environment.

The use of traditional knowledge in decision-making provides a long term holistic perspective. It is important to learn how to use this traditional knowledge to assist in making today's water management decisions.

The MRBB wants to find better ways to use traditional knowledge for decision making and for reconciling traditional knowledge with the views of the scientific community.

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