The Mackenzie River Basin Board was created in 1997 by the Transboundary Waters Master Agreement between the Government of Canada, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon and Northwest Territories. The purpose of this website is to help ensure that the public is informed and involved in issues concerning the Mackenzie River Basin.

The Board's Vision for the Mackenzie River Basin
A healthy and diverse aquatic ecosystem for the benefit of present and future generations.

The Board's Guiding Principles
The Agreement commits the parties to the following principles in carrying out their responsibilities in the Basin.

  • Manage the water resources in a manner consistent with the maintenance of the ecological integrity of the aquatic ecosystem.
  • Manage the use of the water resources in a sustainable manner for present and future generations.
  • Allow each Party to the Agreement to use or manage the use of water resources within its jurisdiction provided such use does not unreasonably harm the ecological integrity of the aquatic ecosystem in any other jurisdiction.
  • Provide for early and effective consultation, notification and sharing of information on developments and activities that might affect the ecological integrity of the aquatic ecosystem in another jurisdiction.
  • Resolve issues in a cooperative and harmonious manner.